Clef 2

Susan A. Barnett


Clef, 2011


The series, Not In Your Face, is an ongoing t-shirt based typology begun in 2007. Taken from the back, each individual gives us a sense of who they are and what they care about by their choice of their very unique clothing. Seen together, we begin to see a total picture of the social, political, and religious concerns evident today in the beginning of the twenty-first century. This particular image was taken on Coney Island, where this young lady was wearing this shirt because she was on a field day with her music camp. She played the violin.


6.5 x 9.5" image on 8x12" paper


Digital C-print

Edition Size




To Benefit

The Lily Sarah Grace Fund remembers Lily, Sarah and Grace, who lost their lives in a 2011 Christmas Eve fire that demolished their Stamford, CT, home. They perished along with their grandparents. That same Christmas was to be the last for my mother, Mary C. Woodruff, who died later that year at age 98. As the event was close to her home and her heart, my mother was very saddened by the deaths and asked me at the time to follow up on it and to donate to their fund. The three girls were all artists and this fund helps bring art into classrooms by donations of materials and supplies - much needed in these days of art budgetary cuts.

Susan's Pledge

100% of print sales. $1000 total if the edition sells out.


When George Harrison arrived in New York for the Beatles’ historic visit, he carried a Pentax Spotmatic as he descended the airplane steps. Susan A. Barnett, then 13 years old, soon bought the same camera and began photographing her everyday life. After a formal education in Art History and a 30 year career in New York galleries, Susan again picked up the camera – this time her father’s Leicaflex. Photography has allowed her to blend her love of strong graphics and color with her interest in the human experience. Her current project, Not In Your Face, is a t-shirt based typology that has been exhibited both in the US and internationally, most recently at PhotoVisa in Krasnodar, Russia and as a solo show at Center for Fine Art Photography in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Clampart, New York is currently handling the portfolio. She was recently included in the Critical Mass Top 50 and received awards from Px3 and Pollux.