Mary Farmilant


After the Fire, 2005


The Entropy Project addresses the fragile nature of living institutions by examining two abandoned hospitals in the southeastern region of England: Hellingly Hospital, an insane asylum, and All Saint’s Hospital, a rehabilitation hospital. Both hospitals sat on prime real estate and were slated for development into luxury living spaces. This project compares the degree of deterioration in these two spaces.  Hellingly has sustained fires, water damage and looting of prized Victorian fixtures, as sneaking into the hospital was a right of passage for local teens.  Fencing was eventually erected to prevent further vandalism, but not before the structure was irreversibly ruined.


7.5x7.5" image on 8.5x11” paper


Archival pigment print on portfolio rag paper

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To Benefit

NorthShore Neurological Institute is a multi-specialty system of care where the most advanced technology and clinical integration are available to treat neurological conditions. The World Health Organization states that one in six people will be affected by a brain disorder. “The DodoNa Project: DNA Prediction to Improve Neurological Health” is visionary research at NorthShore University HealthSystem aiming to predict, prevent and halt disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, brain tumors and multiple sclerosis.

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Mary Farmilant is an artist based in Chicago.  She received her MFA from Columbia College Chicago in 2005.  Farmilant is best known for her work that examines the progressive deterioration of abandoned institutional spaces and the human presence that remains.  Her images are an outgrowth of her background in nursing and her interest in addressing the issues we face today: the current crisis in healthcare, preservation of history versus building anew, the allocation of resources in a failing global community, and the pressure on the middle class.  Farmilant’s photographs have been in numerous group and solo exhibitions.  Awards include the Puffin Foundation Grant, the Illinois Arts Council Special Assistance Grant, the Illinois Arts Council Fellowship Award in Photography and the Chicago Community Arts Assistance Program Grant.