Geoffrey Hiller


Burmese Monk, Mandalay, 2011


7.75x9.75" image on 8x10" paper


Digital c print

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To Benefit

The 100 Friends Project provides practical and direct assistance to a diverse range of people in Third World countries, including Burma. They focus on the most needy, who are not receiving aid from other sources - primarily those most vulnerable in society: children, the sick and the elderly. Proceeds from the photograph will be donated to relief projects and schools in Burma.

Geoffrey's Pledge

100% of print sales. $1000 total if the edition sells out.


The photography of Geoffrey Hiller has been published in magazines in the USA, Europe, and Japan including Geo, Newsweek, Mother Jones and The New York Times Magazine. He has completed dozens of photo essays in Asia, Latin America, Europe and West Africa and was on the staff of the Brazilian edition of National Geographic for two years. His award-winning multimedia projects about Vietnam, Eastern Europe, Ghana, Burma, and Brazil have earned recognition from Apple Computer, The Christian Science Monitor and USA Today. He has received grants from the Paul Allen Foundation, the California Arts Council, Regional Arts and Culture Council in Portland, Oregon, among others. Hiller was a Fulbright Scholar in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is currently the editor of the blog Verve Photo: The New Breed of Documentary Photographer.