Clarissa Bonet


Engulfed, from the series City Space


8x10" image on 8.5x11" paper


Archival inkjet print

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To Benefit

The Myotonic Dystrophy Research Fund, part of the Stanford Neuromuscular Disorders Program. The Stanford Neuromuscular Disorders Program conducts clinics, laboratory testing, research, teaching, and clinical trials in neuromuscular diseases. They treat patients with muscle, neuromuscular junction and peripheral nerve disorders in their weekly outpatient Neuromuscular Disorders Clinic and the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)/ALS Clinic.

Clarissa's Pledge

100% of print sales. $1500 total if the edition sells out.


Clarissa Bonet (b. 1986 Tampa, Florida) lives and works in Chicago.  She received her M.F.A. in Photography from Columbia College Chicago in 2012 and her B.S. in Photography from the University of Central Florida.  Her work has been exhibited in Chicago, California and New York, among other places, as well as internationally in Paris and at the Pingyao International Photo Festival in China.  She was the recipient of the Albert P. Weisman grant for two consecutive years.  Her work is in the collection of the South East Museum of Photography and Calumet Photographic.  In 2012 she was in the top 50 of Critical Mass, won PDN’s the Curator; search for undiscovered fine art photography. Most recently she has been chosen as a winner in Magenta Foundation’s 2013 Emerging Photographer exchange.