Brea Souders


Wasp Comb, 2007


8x8" image on 9x9" paper


Digital c-print

Edition Size




To Benefit

Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana (CRCL). Several years ago I read a book titled Bayou Farewell that tells the story of the disappearing land all along the Louisiana coast, and chronicles the ongoing loss of wildlife, culture and industry. The bayous have lived in my imagination for so long, I felt compelled to go there and see for myself what was happening. I stayed in houseboats deep in the bayou, saw the oak trees dying from encroaching salt water, talked to people who still lived off the land but who feared for their future. CRCL is an amazing organization that's trying to literally turn the tide in this fight for the Louisiana coast and its people.

Brea's Pledge

100% of profits. $800 total if the edition sells out.


Brea Souders was born in Frederick, Maryland, and studied photography at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Her work has been exhibited and screened at institutions such as Abrons Arts Center, Jack the Pelican Presents, and Affirmation Arts in New York City; the Corcoran Gallery of Art and the American University Museum/Katzen Art Center, Washington, D.C.; and at festivals including the New York Photo Festival, PhotoIreland, the Singapore International Photography Festival, and Head On in Sydney, Australia. Her work has been supported by the Camac Art Centre and Fondation Ténot, Marnay-sur-Seine, France; The Millay Colony of the Arts, Austerlitz, NY; Women in Photography/LTI-Lightside, NYC; and the Camera Club of New York. Selected publications and clients include New York Magazine, Gar-de, Vogue Paris, Real Simple, Dear Dave, Canteen, Warner Brothers Records, Paste, The New York Observer, Feltrinelli Publishing House, and the National Institute for Standards and Technology.