Book Giveaways

If you’re like us, you love photography books in all forms – traditionally published, self-published, zines and magazine style books.  As a bonus to buying a print on collect.give, we’ll give away a free photo book each month, generously donated by one of our participating photographers.  To be eligible to win a book, email kevin@collectdotgive.org and tell us which print you purchased (in that given month), along with the date. At the end of each month, we’ll draw the name of one lucky winner, who will receive the book directly from the photographer.


September 2011


All Things Are Always Changing by Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman

Photographs by Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman. Text from Ovid’s Metamorphosis.

Size: 8.25x 11.75″  Pages: 65  Binding: Softcover perfect binding  Publisher: Lulu  Signed: Yes









Past Books

The Collector’s Guide to Emerging Art Photography, published by Humble Arts Foundation and donated by Jon Feinstein
Won by Heidi Hoffman, who purchased Elizabeth Fleming’s print, Hammock, in August 2011

Lay Flat 02: Meta, published by and donated by Shane Lavalette
Won by Jon Pack, who purchased Katrina d’Autremont’s print,  La Cocina de Noche, in July 2011. 

Look and Leave: Photographs and Stories from New Orleans’s Lower Ninth Ward by Jane Fulton Alt

Get Off My Lawn by Geoffrey Ellis (donated by contributing photographer Dalton Rooney)
Won by Mary AnnMcDonough, who purchased Jesse Burke’s print, Wisteria, 2006 in April 2011.

offSET by Lacey Terrell
Won by Jennifer Madden, who purchased Malú Alvarez’s print, Rain, 2010 in March 2011.

Uganda: A River Blue by David Wright
Won by Jay Jilg, who purchased Shawn Records’ print, Untitled (Mexican restaurant along I-5, Washington state) in February 2011

Articles of Faith by Dave Jordano
Won by Ava Zeligson, who purchased Peter Hoffman’s print, Silver Lake at Blackwell Forest Preserve, in January 2011

Life is a series of small moments by Elizabeth Fleming
Won by Peggy Sullivan, who purchased Dalton Rooney’s print, Palermo, Sicily, 2008, in November 2010

Reflection of a Man: The Photographs of Stanley Marcus, co-edited by Allison V. Smith
Won by Sue Levine, who purchased Melissa Kaseman’s print, Hanging Snowflake in October, 2010

RE:CURRENT by Sonja Thomsen
Won by Nic McPhee, who purchased Max S. Gerber’s print, Mother Nature Doth Provide in September, 2010

I guess you don’t want to talk to me anymore by Kelly Shimoda
Won by Kate Giel, who purchased Matt Eich’s print, Elvis the Zebra in August, 2010

Rank Strangers by Susana Raab
Won by Justine Reyes, who purchased Jonathan Blaustein’s print, one dollar’s worth of tomatillos from Mexico in July, 2010

Can You Hear Me Now? by Allison V. Smith
Won by Fred Duggan, who purchased Brea Souder’s print, Wasp Comb, 2007 in June, 2010