We’ve raised $58,913 by selling over 1200 limited edition photographs.

collect.give (“collect dot give”) was founded in December 2009 as a place to collect contemporary photography and donate to worthy causes at the same time.

New prints

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Photographer Pledges and Donations

The participating photographers have pledged to donate 100% of the profits from their print sales to their chosen charitable organizations. Neither the photographers nor collect.give have official associations with the organizations to which funds are donated. Rather, the photographers will make individual contributions with the funds raised. Purchasing prints on collect.give is not considered tax deductible.

Print Prices and Sizes

Print prices and dimensions will vary, as they are determined by the individual photographers.

Edition Sizes

Edition sizes will also vary, as they are set by the photographers. If an edition has sold out, you will be notified by PayPal that there are no prints left to purchase. This may occur before the website is updated to reflect that an edition has sold out.


When you click the BUY NOW button, you’ll be taken directly to the individual photographer’s PayPal store. Your purchase is made directly from the photographer.


Shipping costs are calculated in your PayPal cart (additional charges apply for orders outside the U.S.). Prints will be shipped directly from the participating photographers. Please allow 2 weeks.

Thank You

collect.give is grateful for the generous support of Dalton Rooney and Raygun, designer Heidi Romano and the publisher MagCloud.